I'm interested in visual languages, composition, form, colour, symbols as well as psychology and the environment. I'm a digital 3D artist using Maya and have been producing digital art for 30 years. I paint and animate in 3D, make paintings from my digital 3D paintings, and animations of my digital 3D paintings, which also combine many different types of simulation. What is so special about 3D digital art is that it allows artists to synthesise what we used to think of as "painting" and "sculpture" 2D and 3D into one medium with a time-based element. It seems to me to be the most significant advance in visual art. It's like we have taken a giant leap in technology over the last 20 years that eclipses everything before it.

Digital 3D allows artists to create forms that nobody had dreamt were possible; digital technology allows the artist to explore form and plasticity in totally new ways. Forms that can change over time are also an extraordinary technical advance. In 3D Form's can react to other objects, defy gravity or be driven by a whole range of other data, such as human motion capture, advecting turbulence fields, or fluid simulations. The new visual programming languages currently in development allow artists to plug one set of data into another in a fluid and flexible way. These new systems don't have easy, friendly interfaces, but they have the power to link and build vastly complex systems.

My new work, "painting in the subconscious" is made with this new technology. It uses several different types of fluid simulation and particle mechanisms, all driven and deformed with various data sets, turbulences, motions, and colour data. Underlying all this digital simulation is a basic brushstroke; it's the foundation, and it's the essential part in many ways as it's the intuitive psyche to eye to hand simultaneous output that I find so interesting. My work since the late '80s has often been about environmental degradation, and in the last five years, my work has also focused on the psychology of denial. Climate change has massive implications for all of us, as do all human interventions which degrade nature. My new work is optimistic and explores exciting new fluid forms; humanity is not frozen in its thinking; it can become fluid and flexible and wake up to the need to change.
Photo by Ron Haseldon St Petersburg 1985


Thomas Lisle  Biograpghy

Email: Thomas(at)thomaslisle.com

Nationality: British

Education: Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds

University of Reading, Fine Art Department, Degree


University of Reading (2 days), Slade School of Art (4 weeks), Southwark College (short course 10 days)

Kingsway College, Winchester College of Art (2 days), Sir John Cass (short course 10 days)

Selected solo exhibitions

1986 ‘Georges Bataille is Dead’

London Film Makers Co-op Summer Festival restructured video and slides, Sound Laurence Hughes.

1986 “9 Doughty Street” Cibachromes, prints, installation, Bloomsbury London ‘A Sea Shanty’ restructured video,

1986 “The Daylight Club” the Diorama and exhibition in Gallery of paintings with video monitors, . ‘ A Walk in the

           Garden’ (nudes 5x slide projectors), ‘Trees’ (nudes 5x slide projectors), Slide   over 6 months

1987 “Ravensdales” Broadcast Edit facilities with gallery, Soho, installation. 1.5 x 1.2m prints

1987 “The Church Gallery” Marble Arch London ‘Aeroplane’ (kinetic slides from restructured video) 1 month.

1987 “Blast R101”Ormans Club, St James, London, Permanent Installation commission, 1 year.

1988 “The Third Eye Centre” Glasgow ‘Aeroplane’ two weeks installationn and Artist in residence. 1 week.

1988 “Stoke Scultpure Court Commissionon and installation “Fish out of Water”

1989 “The Smith” Gallery Stirling, Scotland, “Fish out of Water’( kinetic slides from restructured video) 1 month.

1992 “The Newlyn Orion Gallery”, Cornwall “Fish out of Water”

1992 “The Aspex Gallery” Portsmouth “Fish out of Water”

1993 “Puskinskaya 10” Cbetz Kosak Gallery, St Petersberg “Fish out of Water British Council Funded

1993”The Bunker” (old Atomic Bunker) St Petersburg Russia

1994 “James Hockey Gallery” “A Domestic Opera” Installation, Arts Council Video Dept Funded

1999...”Selfless Princess” with “Kala Sangam” Asian Dance Company, The Alhambra Bradford.

2009...”That which Transpires behind that which Appears” 3 digital animations videos “The Universal” Maida

             and the 291 Gallery with the London Biennale and performace by David Medella

2011...”Behind Vision” 55 watercolour paintings “Koukan Gallery London

2013 Koukan Gallery, October, “The Way is not straight forward” and 15 paintings oil on canvas

Selected Mixed Exhibitions

1987 “Group Show” Sphinx House Studios Bloomsbury London ‘Flamenco’ (Video)

1987 “Soaps” Camerawork Toured UK (slides from video)

1988 “Red Spot” New York Projections on Broadway (slides from video)

1988 “Audio Visual Experimentation “ Holland International Festival (slides from video)

1989 “Out of the Woods” Crafts Council, Common Ground Toured UK (slides from video)

1993 “Photo Graphics” St Petersbourgh (slides from restructured video)

2000 Stills of digital imagery - show touring libraries in Wales

2002 “291 Gallery” “Musa” evening, “planes” (state 1) video of computer graphics also shown Russian Music

2004 “London Bienalle” at the 291 Gallery “That which Transpires behind that which Appears” video plus performance with David Medalla Digital Animation

2009 Cesaria International Video Festival “The Planes” selected as one of ten prize winners 2011 Digital Animation

2011 “All Art Now International Video Festival Damascus “The Planes” selected for showing Digital Animation

2016 “Transformher” Digital Animation   seleceted for Matadac festival Spain,  Now and After festival St Petersberg,  Lumen Prize touring exhibition  Long List 

2018 "Rooms in dreams" Digital Animation selected for opening of Leeds new Digital Centre and show on giant screen outside Leeds City Hall

2019 "The shadows strategy" Digital Animation  Finalist in   Pixel fest Moscow, The Psychedelic and Film and Music Festival NY,  Matadac Spain, SFE.TV, Social art award, FILE Brazil

2020 "Landscapes of the mind" Digital Animation Duration 15 minutes

2021 "Painting in the subconscious" 5 videos on Sedition art

2021 "Landscapes of the mind" finalist European Film Festival

2022 "Landscapes of the mind" finalist Delete TV festival

2022 "Mayfair Art Weekend".selected for showing June 26 "Landscapes of the mind"


The Tate London

“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box

Museum Of Modern Art New York

“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box

The New Museum, New York

“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box

Museum Of Modern Art New York

complete documentation in archives ‘ongoing’

The Raymond Moore Archives

“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box

The Creasey Collection, Salisbury

Images from ‘A walk in the Garden’


Collection of Videos


Collection of Videos

St Martins Video Art Archive

Collection of Video art works

Broadcast Videos

The Landscape Channel, Channel 4

“Fish out of Water”


The Independent, BBC Scotland ,The Yorkshire Post, NME, Dataton News & Views International, City Limits, Time Out


Essay by Professor Norbert Linton

Essay by Nicholas Usherwood

Essay by Alla Mitrofanova


The Fl-o Orbital Design commissioned by Pressure Islands 2019

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