Big Bang (2024)

Metamorphosis (2024)

Paint Soup (2024)

From brush to sea (2024)

"Fun with space and time"

These artworks are 100% painted by the artist, using a digital brush and paint simulation.
Lisle's work takes painting to new frontiers. Firstly, it is programmable paint. Secondly, time-based painting. Thirdly, paintings that are simultaneously sculptures. And fourthly, paintings that can defy the physics and laws of the physical world.

Flirting (2023)

clouds and light (2023)

Enchanted (2023)

Entangled (2023)

"Lines unleashed and hacked clouds"

The theme of the collection is painting in the digital age and draws on symbols and motifs of psychological transformation and archetypes.These artworks combine many different digital techniques and approaches (non of which involve or use AI), which I have developed to have a relationship with contemporary painting (and, to an extent, sculpture) yet animated, time-based and 3 Dimensional and new.Most of the elements are drawn/painted directly in 3D with a digital pen, then animated by hacking various simulation technology, such as hair simulations and gas and liquid simulation software, to make my autographic paint elements move and react as I want them to.The visual/conceptual idea is to find time-based 3 Dimensional compositions and colour relationships with elements that might seem to be at odds with each other to balance the craziness with the peaceful.
Klee once called a drawing "taking a line for a walk"; I'd call my work freeing a line to roam in zero-G space and time whilst subjecting it to physically impossible forces which have been carefully choreographed with hundreds of variables to make a line come alive.The repurposed clouds are my digital attempt to add blocks of colour and texture, kind of synonymous with mark-making in painting, yet being animated 3Dimensional and transforming. Animated, time-based 3Dimensional paint strokes can take on a whole new narrative that a static one cannot do, enabling a paint stroke to have a character or behaviour that the viewer can easily understand.