The Shadows Strategy
Moscow 2020 pixels fest Digital animation
The way is not straight forward

Koukan Gallery 2016 Digital animation
A domestic opera

Arts Council and James Hockey Gallery commission 1992 kinetic projections 700 glitch images
Fish out of water

Arts council and Stoke Sculpture court commission 1987 - 650 glitch TV images, kinetic projection
The Smith Stirling
Aspects Gallery Portsmouth
Newlyn Orion
Pushkinskaya 10 St Petersberg
Third eye centre Glasgow. Kinetic projections 200 Glitch images 1987
A walk in the garden
The Daylight Club The diorama Regents Park 250 Glitch TV images 1986
1987 New York projection proposals


350 Glitch Slides

Common Ground and the Crafts Council Commission Touring exhibition