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Paris Olympics 2024 Thomas Lisle's work was selected for large-screen projections at the Paris Olympics 2024 at the Olympia venue in Paris.
🇬� The countdown has begun... in the run-up to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and as part of the Cultural Olympiad, Artpoint is delighted to announce an exhibition of its artists at L’Olympia (@olympiahall) on July 22, 23 and 24. On this occasion, the screens of this symbolic venue of the French art scene will be transformed into veritable artistic showcases.

Artists have always questioned topical issues. This year, the theme of surpassing oneself and movement is obviously at the heart of their considerations...
Following the award of the Cultural Olympiad label, Artpoint presents 8 artists, working at the frontier of sport, art and technology. At the heart of a magical immersive journey punctuated by exhibitions, performances and shows, digital art will continue to surprise you...

Digital Art Week
Two new important collections of his time-based paintings have been released this week to coincide with Digital Art Week London with Niio and Seditionart. You can see "Time and paint wait for none" 4 new time based paintings 4K

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"Fun with space and time" 4 new time based paintings 4K

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Artists Statement

My work is about human consciousness and expression through the hand-to-eye relationship of the physical process of painting in the digital age. "Painting," as in, as close to the type done with liquid, a brush, and a hand, is a wonderful means of human expression with an infinite amount of possibilities.

What makes the act of painting so special is that it connects the painter and the viewer on a deep level. It enables artists to express what it is to be human, to be alive. The thoughts and emotions that a painting can evoke can be subtle and complex. These new works are about the joy of seeing and a love for life in an imperfect world.

I'm developing new methods to expand contemporary paintings boundaries in abstraction, expression and narrative through digital 3D time-based painting to go beyond the frozen-in-time and the restrictions of the physical. Digital time-based painting has many of the benefits and visual poetry of contemporary painting, plus the limitless possibilities of the virtual and the possibilities of narrative by orchestrating paint in time, essential for a 21st century digital world.

Painting's evolution cannot stay still; like everything, it needs to adapt to the times. This means adapting to digital animation, 3D, virtual spaces, simulations, and the ever-present internet and screen, which is focused on time-based media.

I make paint strokes and liquid simulations which are very consciously made, without using random digital effects or AI. I like to sculpt the forms I use, build the virtual brushes, program the way the paint behaves, and have at the heart of the artwork the connection between the brush and the artist. I want everything I make digitally to be as much made and controlled by me as is humanly possible in a virtual world.

Watching a painter paint is not a good way of imagining the process because I aim to orchestrate paint, movement, and events more like a conductor or composer of a piece of music than a painter aiming for a static outcome.

As an artist, I don't want to rehash the past, but of course, I'm inspired by the thousands of paintings and artworks I have seen and experienced over the years, which feed into my work. My interest in psychology and philosophy also has a big input into my work. How we navigate the complex world of the mind and extend our understanding of ourselves and others seem vitally important in these difficult times.

NEWS 2023

Oct 2023 "Digital art, time, painting, sculpture and consciousness"

An essay on digital 3D time-based painting and it's differences in approach to art, in terms of the conscious and personal as opposed to art made by AI, Generative or Glitch technology, (which seems impersonal and not consciously made). And a critique of 3D time-based paintings metaplasticism possibilities and it's metamodernist foundation.


2023 "Something stirs" new collection of time based paintings on Niio.

Click here to see the collection "Something stirs"

2023 "Lines unleashed and hacked clouds" digital 3D paintings and animations new collection on Sedition

Click here to see the collection "Lines unleashed and hacked clouds" Click here for the interview

2023 IMAGE PLAY - International Video Art Festival Portugal 6 videos selected

2023 "Lines unleashed and hacked clouds" digital 3D paintings and animations new collection on Sedition

Click here to see the collection "Lines unleashed and hacked clouds" Click here for the interview

2023 "Love's Journey" digital 3D animations and paintings
Winner Mannheim Arts and Film festival, selected for these festival "Matadac" Spain, "File" Brazil, "Surrealist manifesto" and "Video Art and Experimental Film Festival" New York, New York Honorable mention, "Dumbo Film Festival NY" Semi Finalist

Click here see "Love's Journey"

2023 "Noonssup" digital 3D animations shown at Maison & Objet 2023

"The colour of feeling" 5 new digital 3D paintings on Sedition Art December 2022

"New forms and plasticity" 4 new digital 3d paintings on Niio December 2022

"Collection of half's" new NFTs on FoundationApp

Interview 2021 Beth Jochim