Thomas Lisle

The spirit of adventuring somewhere new and unknown in my art, started  in 1981 with a new kind of video art, making electronic abstractions by videoing TVs to produce painterly images. At the University of Reading I was strongly influenced by Marc Chaimowicz and Ron Haseldon and installation art which propelled me forward in my early career.


The last 15 years have all been about exploring the possibilities of digital 3D paint, form and animation together with Jungian psychology. I find Jungs work fascinating, and his writings and concepts permeates my work from archetypes, to the collective unconscious, dream analysis, transformation and symbolism.


My new work which I describe as "Digital Painting Painting" allows me to work in 3D virtual paint as a starting point and then realise the images in real paint. Digital 3D paint is not so much paint as something which captures some of the physicality of the painting motion and adds on a vast array of possibilities in terms of form, animation and simulation, a whole new universe for the visual artist and painter to explore.